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In 1947, Charles C. Worthington founded the Worthington Biochemical Company in Freehold, New Jersey for the purpose of preparing enzymes for the growing biochemical research community.

Through the years Worthington has been bought and sold several times, and in 1987 returned to the Worthington family. The third generation is now working at the lab and helps maintain our commitment to providing the biochemical community with high-purity enzymes and related biochemical products.

As we wrote in the 1961 Worthington Enzyme Manual, "Suggestions for new products are always welcome and although it is sometimes impossible for us to comply with some of the special requests, all are thoroughly considered. Many of the new products herein listed were so initiated. We would like to thank our many friends for their past cooperation and to wish them continued success in their future undertakings."

So, to all of you from Worthington on the occasion of our 74th anniversary, a very heart-felt Thank You.

Von Worthington, President

Nancy Worthington, Document Control 

Andrew Worthington, Scientist

Chuck Worthington, Manufacturing Engineer

Lisa Worthington, Data Systems Development Manager  

And the entire Worthington team!


We welcome the opportunity to discuss your specific needs.

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