Ribonuclease T1 Product Information

Source: Aspergillus oryzae


Ribonuclease T1 is an endoribonuclease, highly specific for the cleavage of RNA or deaminated RNA between guanosine 3'-phosphate residues (or inosine 3'-phosphate) and the 5'-OH residues of adjacent nucleotides with the formation of the corresponding intermediate 2', 3'-cyclic phosphates. It cleaves single-stranded RNA releasing oligonucleotides from the guanosine 3'-phosphate termini. The enzyme has a molecular weight of 11 kDa. The optimum pH is 7.5. RNase T1 is inhibited by Ag+, Zn2+, Cu2+, and Hg2+ at 1 X 10-3 M. The stimulatory effects of both histidine and EDTA are attributed to chelation of contaminating inhibitor cations. The enzyme assay is essentially the method of Egami et al., Prog. in Nucleic Acid Res. and Molec. Biol., III, 59 (1964) based upon the release of acid soluble oligonucleotides following the digestion of yeast RNA.

Uses: Ribonuclease T1 has extensive applications in molecular cloning and DNA sequencing. Because of its specificity it has been a commonly used cleavage enzyme for the determination of structure, nearest neighbor frequencies, and RNA sequencing. The enzyme has further application in the preparation of nucleoside 2',3'-cyclic phosphates, the synthesis of oligonucleotides, and the removal of RNA from DNA preparations. The enzyme is also used as a non-mammalian source of RNase in various applications.

Stability/Storage: Stable 12-18 months at 2-8°C. Store at 2-8°C.

Unit Definition: One Unit releases the equivalent of one A260 unit of acid-soluble products from yeast RNA in 15 minutes at 37°C, pH 7.5

Technical Note: Some suppliers reference sequencing units; One sequencing unit is equivalent to 0.075 Worthington unit.

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DescriptionActivityCodeSizeCat. No.Price
RNase T1, Purified, Animal Free/AF
Animal Free highly purified, microbial (non-mammalian) broad specificity RNase prepared with non-animal components. Supplied as a solution in 2.8M ammonium sulfate.
Store at 2-8°C.
≥300,000 units per mg protein RT1S 100 ku LS01485 $42.00 Buy Now
500 ku LS01487 $130.00 Buy Now
Bulk LS01488 Inquire
RNase T1, Chromatographically Purified, Lyophilized, Animal Free/AF
Animal free highly purified, microbial (non-mammalian) broad specificity RNase prepared with non-animal components, supplied a as a lyophilized powder.
Store at 2-8°C.
≥2,500 units per mg dry weight RT1L 500 ku LS01490 $156.00 Buy Now
2500 ku LS01492 $600.00 Buy Now
Bulk LS01494 Inquire

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