Ribonucleic Acid

C.A.S.: 63231-32-0 

Chemical Structure (image will open in a new window)

Ribonucleic acids are long-chain polymers of nucleotides linked through 3',5'-phosphodiester bonds. Constituent bases are derivatives of purine and pyrimidines, the sugar is D-ribose. The RNA nucleotide sequence, which is genetic information transferred from DNA, acts as a template in sequencing amino acids in protein synthesis. See Chapters 11 - The Transcription of RNA Upon DNA Templates and 12 - Involvement of RNA in Protein Synthesis in J.D. Watson's Molecular Biology of the Gene, 3rd Edition, (W.A. Benjamin, Inc., Menlo Park, California 1975). Ribonucleate core consists of the limit polynucleotides remaining after exhaustive ribonuclease hydrolysis of yeast sodium nucleate.

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